Day 4 – Excavation

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Ellen, Kate & Jo opening up Trench 10 whilst work at Trench 1 continues
Ellen, Kate & Jo opening up Trench 10 whilst work at Trench 1 continues

It has been a busy few days at Brockhampton, we have a total of six trenches now open and that is all down to the hard work of all of the volunteers involved.

We are finding that a good deal of landscaping has taken place across the site over the years, this is evident from all of the 20th century construction debris we have been finding just beneath the topsoil.

Cleaning the artifacts
Cleaning the artifacts

Despite this we have been busy recording what we find and washing the artifacts ready for the post-excavation phase.

As a result process has been slow, but then that’s archaeology, every has to be recorded.  Over the next few days things are bound to change as we all break through the debris level within the trench and through to what lies beneath.

Despite the rain today and with thanks to the North Worcestershire Archaeology Group we opened our sixth trench.  With all but one of the others focused around the Chapel, the sixth focused upon the ditch and garden area identified during the survey and research into the historic maps.

From the outset the trench looked different with the soil being much darker in colour and presumably rich in organics which will be great for our environmental sampling.

IMGP4012Tomorrow is another day so lets hope the weather holds better than it did today.


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