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Recording Trench 9The post-excavation reporting is well under way.  As a part of this process all of the plans drawn in the field (see Nigel busy in Trench 9 above) now require digitizing to a professional standard so as to accompany the report and archive.  With the thirty or so plans produced over the course of the dig I have a good few days to spend in front of a computer.

But the finished result will be worth it.  Recording trenches both in plan (birds-eye view) and in section (cross-section) is essential in order to both understand visually how each layer of soil and feature encountered during the dig relates to each other, as well as provide a permanent record of the trench, along with photographs and a written record for future researchers.

Below is a photo of the Trench 14 (behind the chapel) showing the side of the trench.  The section plan is of the same trench and depicts each of the layers of interest identified and labelled during the excavation.

Trench 14 Section

Trench 14 (working progress) Section Plan
Trench 14 (working progress) Section Plan

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