The Final Day of Filming

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Final Day of FilmingAs part of the Summer of Archaeology we have been closely followed and documented by the film company Mediashypp. The end result will be the production of a short 10 minute video that will document the project’s story.  From the initial launch weekend, to the dowsing and geophysical surveys and onto the excavation, every aspect of the project has been recorded on camera.  Friday witnessed the final day of shooting, a spot of mapping and report production.

In all over one and half hours of footage has been recorded, so clearly some serious editing is required to get this down to the 10 minute video we are after.

We would just like to thank all of the staff of Mediashypp in particular Richard Hankins and Kie Cummings for all that they have done over the course of this project.  A truly fantastic job.

Chris & Dai the archaeologists


One thought on “The Final Day of Filming

    Julie & Steve Clarke said:
    October 18, 2015 at 12:22 am

    It has been great to be able to follow your archaeological exploits as we visited the site whilst in England on holiday from Australia, and it has been something which we wouldn’t normally be able to be involved in. Thank you for keeping the emails coming.


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